Blockchain to Blockchain Transactions on ICTE

Most exchanges offer a centralized trading environment – where they store your crypto on their wallets and let you trade via their order book. Centralized exchanges pose a threat of security, lower liquidity, and market manipulation.

Decentralized exchanges, on the other hand, are more secure but tend to be limited to a particular blockchain. A decentralized exchange based on Ethereum, for example, cannot trade any Tron-based tokens. Interplanetary Crypto Token Exchange or ICTE has opened up new possibilities of trading by enabling blockchain to blockchain transactions.

ICTE Model

Based on an optimized Proof-of-Stake model, ICTE is creating a network of decentralized exchanges that work together to create a next-generation DeX that balances speed, security, and user experience.

ICTE is a collection of regional exchanges that run independently but share the liquidity and are governed by the tenets of decentralization. ICTE has multiple layers of decentralization. The first layer is the ICTE Seeders, which are truly decentralized because they are spun up with no dependencies on other instances, and can find each other only through mutual connections with other instances. ICTE’s second and third layers are formed as hierarchical connections between the instances.

The role of Alpha is to summarize the output of their member pool and they receive rebates based on their contribution. With this complex setup, ICTE still manages to settle cross-blockchain transactions to support high-frequency trading.

Cross-blockchain Transactions

As the crypto market grows, there will be many more blockchains that will serve different purposes and will have different features. For example, Litecoin boasts of a faster settlement period while Ethereum’s appeal is because of its flexibility in creating Distributed Apps. XRP is being widely used in the Banking and Finance sector while Bitcoin is still the king when it comes to storing value. More blockchains will be launched and they will…

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