Blockchain Specialists in Trend and Global Demand all Over the World

  • Blockchain specialists continue to be in trend and global demand as more and more enterprises have begun to understand the need of blockchain.
  • There are numerous benefits of the blockchain, its benefit in a business perspective has drawn a lot of attention to it.
  • Blockchain can be managed only by a group of specialists who have profound technical knowledge of the blockchain and can understand its implementation in the business platform.

With the increase in the growth of blockchain, there has been an equal need and demand of blockchain specialists who can implement business-needed applications. The use of blockchain in business has shown to improve growth and has proven to be efficient.

Blockchain specialists continue to be in trend and global demand. Companies still struggle to fill up the vacancies of blockchain specialists as one cannot have enough of them. 

Kraken crypto exchange employs the largest number of people. With the current 800 employees working, this Kraken has further planned to increase the number of employees by 10%.  

Yet another major employer in the blockchain industry is the Chinese company Bitmain. Its founder Cihan Wu has stated that their interest lies in looking forward to having a variety of specialists as he believes that the cryptocurrency will continue to expand in the coming years. He further stated that China must take a leading position in the field of blockchain.

Blockchain Specialists in Trend

One can understand the reason for why blockchain specialists are in such a trend by knowing that the employers are ready to pay 45-60,000 rubles to such specialists every month. Even the Russian companies have come forward in wanting a greater number of specialists. In St. Petersburg last year the number of vacancies especially in blockchain technology increased. In 2019, the number of jobs in the digital industry (including the blockchain industry) is said to have increased by about 10%.

As more and more companies recognize the wondrous benefits blockchain has, their demand for blockchain specialists is also on the simultaneous increase. Thus, the major employers of the world have set an example in proving that blockchain technology is the new trending and blockchain specialists are the new attraction to this technology.

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