Blockchain software development services by Zab Technologies

Zab Technologies delivers cutting-edge blockchain development services in a risk-free manner.

“Zab Technology is the leading blockchain development company across the globe. We are expertise in offering blockchain software development services. Also, we have 40+ blockchain developers to provide an effective blockchain product”. started by a chief official at Zab Technologies

Zab technologies offer some exclusive Blockchain development services, they are

Cryptocurrency exchange development:

We will provide a high-class cryptocurrency exchange software to launch your own exchange platform instantly. Else, we will develop the exchange trading platform from scratch at the desired time.

Initial Exchange Offering(IEO):

It is a module enabled on an exchange platform and it follows the crowdfunding strategy. Here the token sales will happen for raising the funds. If you already have an exchange we will integrate the IEO module.

Else, we will develop an exchange platform with the IEO module.

Security Token Offering(STO):

We develop an effective security token offering website to raise the funds in a faster way. Here only the security token sales will take place.

Initial Coin Offering:

We develop an ICO website to launch your project and you can raise the funds by selling your tokens.

Wallet department:

Wallet development plays a major role in exchange trading platforms. It is used to store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies. We deliver a secured cryptocurrency wallet with advanced security features.

Smart contract development:

We develop a supreme smart contract development for starting your business and also for various industries. It is a software program that stores all the rules and negotiations in terms of the agreement.

Ethereum token development:

Ethereum token is more popular in the crypto world. Many business people use ethereum tokens to buy digital assets. We develop a unique ethereum token according to your customization within a…

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