Blockchain sector drives female participation through funding and education

While it’s encouraging to see that the number of female crypto investors is on the rise, women participation within the blockchain technology sector remains low.

This was recently confirmed in a report from the World Economic Forum, which found that the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed back gender parity by an entire generation. Vesselina Ratcheva, new economy and society lead for the World Economic Forum, further told Cointelegraph that women indeed remain a minority in the blockchain industry.

Funding of women-led blockchain projects

Fortunately, a number of new funding initiatives are being offered to drive female participation within the blockchain sector. This is especially important, as recent findings indicate that in Q3 of last year, venture funding for female founders hit its lowest quarterly total in three years.

In order to solve this ongoing challenge, Sperax, a decentralized finance protocol, has partnered with leading blockchain companies to provide grants for women-led projects.

Frida Cai, a partner at Sperax, told Cointelegraph that Sperax’s Lifted Grant Series is a year-long effort designed to support women in blockchain. Cai explained that the program runs on a quarterly basis and comprises four phases, each of which focuses on specific blockchain use cases:

“As a female in the blockchain industry, I want to help more women get involved. This grant series exists because women’s perspectives should be heard by a larger audience.”

Alec Shaw, director of business development at Sperax, told Cointelegraph that 116 applicants from seven countries applied for phase one of Lifted, which was sponsored by investment firm Polyient Capital. Three projects innovating in the DeFi and NFT spaces have received up to $15,000 in funding.

Renita Murimi, founder and CEO of WildChain — an NFT marketplace for zoos and sanctuaries looking to buy, sell and trade animals for conservation purposes — was selected as a phase-one winner. Murimi told…

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