Blockchain Recruitment In 2019: The Complete Guide

Every single day, 188,912 Bitcoin transactions are made across the globe. With all that digital currency flying through the air, security and accountability are obviously a major concern. Even though these transactions – and billions of others like them – happen online, they require real-world experts to build and manage the frameworks and exchanges that make them possible. That’s where blockchain comes in.

To keep up with the growing demand for secure, traceable online transactions, blockchain companies are raising capital, expanding their reach and hiring up. To help you better understand the blockchain industry and how to recruit for it, we’ve created this guide that incorporates expert research and predictions along with some of our own findings on the blockchain job market.

We’ll end this guide with a few examples of how real companies are recruiting talent. Feel free to click the links below to skip ahead or keep on reading.

Blockchain Industry Breakdown

Sure, you’ve heard of blockchain, but does anyone really use it? Actually, nearly 40 million people across the planet are already tapping into the technology, and that number is only getting bigger. And if the industry is growing, that means companies are growing and in need of new talent to fill the gaps. To get a better sense of where the industry is at and what’s trending, we’ve broken down its different sectors, funding situation and job market.


Even though blockchain technology can be applied to nearly any industry, it’s a particularly popular transaction method among financial institutions, especially for popular forms of cryptocurrency. As you can see in this CB Insights breakdown, the majority of Bitcoin and blockchain startups fall under Exchanges & Cryptocurrency Trading, Capital Markets & Financial Services and Wallets & Money Services.

Image via CB Insights

While blockchain is heavily rooted in finance, it’s also disrupting a number of other…

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