Blockchain PR in 2020 – The Complete Guide

Finding the right blockchain PR Agency to promote your blockchain project or protocol is not easy. Especially since promotion itself has become more difficult, with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube closely vetting crypto ads on their channels – a well executed PR and organic content marketing campaign, becomes more crucial than ever.

As with other industries, it is vital to recruit a PR team that has a good understanding of your niche and believes in you. Otherwise you run the risk of wasting precious hours attempting to bring your hired guns up to speed and getting no results. That said, good PR firms are adept at quickly getting abreast of their clients’ objectives; a willingness to learn is therefore more important than pre-existing forensic knowledge of your project.

Companies that guarantee results and media hits are usually the best way to understand if a PR firm is “on your side” and is willing to take the risk of not getting paid if there are no results, while more traditional companies, might blame it on you for not providing enough news angles.

We’ve made this guide to give you a head start to how to choose the best PR agency that would suit you best, we’ve even made a short list of companies that have reached the top of our charts.

So far our top four Blockchain PR & marketing companies for 2020:

CompanyEstablishedNotable clientsNumber of EmployeesProsConsScore
MarketAcross2012Binance, Huobi, Tron, eToro, Skrill, Qtum, ICON, NEO, Cardano, Concensys~20* Guaranteed results – Success/performence based

* impressive client portfolio

* Crypto Veterans

* Personal and hands-on approach

* Content Marketing & SEO oriented

* Not traditional PR by approach

* Does not involve paid advertising

Spark PR1999Civic, Coindash, Collibra, Colendi, Dfinity, Bitfinder, BlockV~50* A well established firm

* Offices in NY, San Francisco and Johannesburg

* Traditional PR veterans

* Great Storytellers

* Traditional PR veterans

* Junior Account managers


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