Blockchain: Potential to track NY healthcare info & Coronavirus

The New York healthcare industry has started to recognise the potential in using blockchain technology to track drugs, protect patient’s records and potentially track coronavirus.

Blockchain: Nowadays, we know how important it is to keep a distance from each other because of the Coronavirus that is completely changing our lifestyle. Even in the healthcare world, the situation is very delicate, especially when you need treatment by a general practitioner in a big city like New York. We need to have our health data available.

Luckily, technology comes to our aid. Thanks to the blockchain, it is possible to improve our health, while protecting patient privacy, plus, tracking infections, such as the coronavirus.

Blockchain and the privacy of healthcare data

When it comes to sharing healthcare data in NY, it is always important to make sure that patient privacy is not violated. Not only could you risk that companies could get their hands on the data for shady purposes, but also because, if a patient suffers from a certain disease, or is infected with the coronavirus and the news spreads around, this could feel uncomfortable and contribute to his or her worst health state.

It is not only a question of risks for the patient but also for those who took the action of divulging private information like this even risks losing their job, and this is where Blockchain Technology can lend a helping hand.

Sharing health data over blockchain Technology

According to reports, the blockchain gives the possibility to share data in a completely anonymous form. Furthermore, thanks to smart-contracts, on the blockchain platform, you can unlock data sharing only when certain conditions established previously by each user occur.

These are medical records that can only be unlocked on the blockchain system when certain conditions arise, the same thing that also applies to the biological testament.

Insurance coverage with the blockchain

In the field of health insurance, the blockchain

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