Blockchain micro flying high on Emirates deal

Special Report: Loyyal, Reffind Group’s blockchain technology investment, reached an exciting new high this morning thanks to a product integration partnership with Emirates for its Skywards loyalty program.

Airline rewards programs are the latest industry to be swept up by the possibilities of blockchain technology as industry giant Emirates Skywards announced it was in the final stages of rolling out its new partner infrastructure, based on the Loyyal Product Suite and the Loyyal Network.

Integration with Loyyal means Emirates Skywards can onboard new earn and redemption partners more efficiently and provide more relevant options for their 25 million global members in near real-time.

The blockchain platform, an investment of Reffind Group (ASX:RFN), has been working on its expansion strategy in the wings as it now gets ready to build on some freshly-secured capital and capitalise on significant interest in the Japanese market for blockchain loyalty and rewards programs.

Loyyal CEO and founder Greg Simon said that loyalty programs would soon come to be seen as the “killer app” for blockchain technologies.

“Emirates Skywards has shown industry leadership with their desire to innovate and be the first-to-market with this capability,” Simon said.

“We look forward to leveraging this implementation to empower additional blockchain-derived benefits for Emirates Airways, with further operational cost-savings [and] improved customer experiences.” 

The blockchain company’s long-standing partnership with Emirates Skywards first began in 2016 as a way to look at how Loyyal’s technology could help provide cost efficiencies and improve overall member engagement experiences for customers on the Skywards rewards program in a way that had never been seen before, he added.

Emirates Skywards divisional senior vice president, Dr. Nejib Ben Khedher, underlined the strength of Loyyal in helping realise operational efficiencies. He said one of the ways…

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