Blockchain Jobs are Offering Better Pay Packages and More Flexibility to the Employees

The demand for blockchain jobs is increasing every year. Primary reason for the same is the high pay the jobs offer even when a person starts as an intern when compared to other jobs. Also currently the talent available in this particular field is less so the salaries are 10-20 percent higher than normal jobs in both technical and non-technical fields. The profit sharing models in crypto jobs are much better and the incentives a lot higher than others.

Crypto companies also outdo the peers on the fact that they provide flexibility to its workers. There are more possibilities of working from home which is requirement of today’s world. People would rather opt for work from home job opportunity from the laborx platform for these blockchain companies, over slogging in a job that requires them to go to an office space everyday.

In blockchain companies, the employees receive equity like compensation tokens. They are liquid unlike shares. Other company employees keep waiting for a liquidity event to sell their shares and get Fiat currency. Plus the grants given by companies are very restrictive.

The Blockchain developers working in the field are in high demand. They get paid the highest salaries depending upon their location and work. Like in Silicon Valley, US, a blockchain developer earns an annual wage of $158k or a senior hardware developer in NVidia makes $135k annually. In Switzerland the same job will fetch somewhere near 120k to 180k USD annually contrary to developers in Great Britain who are paid 50-90k annually. Then there are freelance consultants who make from $50 – $100 per hour.

In blockchain companies, employees usually get tokens which acts as an equity-like compensation. These tokens, unlike shares, are inherently liquid, even though some of them may still have restrictions on them.

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