Blockchain Games See Surge During the Pandemic — Can the Tech Handle It?

As more people self-isolate due to the coronavirus pandemic, gaming platforms all over the world have seen a spike in traffic. One report notes that cell network company Verizon claimed that online gaming platforms have seen a 75% increase in traffic with an overall 20% spike in streaming across the web. Despite the fact that the boost in traffic on online gaming platforms is as a result of the unfortunate pandemic, blockchain games have not been left out.

A recent report shows Microsoft Azure, a service that allows developers to operate blockchain networks for applications such as Xbox, registering record-high levels of latency on its network for the first time as a result of quarantined gamers straining the Xbox app. Although most industry watchers will admit that blockchain gaming is the future, the jury is still out on whether that future can be sustainable.

Other platforms that have seen increased traffic

Apart from Xbox, other non-mainstream gaming platforms have also been gaining new users. War Riders, a blockchain game where players get to build and crash cars in a Mad Max-like experience, is said to have received upward of 70% in new users with an increase in the average time spent in the game.

According to Sebastien Borget, the co-founder and COO of Pixowl — a San Francisco-based startup that is behind a blockchain game called The Sandbox — Cryptovoxels, which is a Sim City-like gaming experience on a blockchain, has also seen an increased number of users recently.

In Borget’s observations, the decentralized virtual worlds of games such as CryptoVoxels, Decentraland and Somnium have seen “an influx of new users who are meeting and socializing in the metaverse, organizing their own events, meet-ups or even festivals.” He added: “I think this is great and hosting events and providing activities to do for gamers inside the metaverse is the right way to go.”

Borget also mentioned that Pixowl’s Sandbox decentralized gaming platform…

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