Blockchain Game Alliance Will Host NFT Open Forum to Boost Adoption

The Blockchain Game Alliance was formed by a group of companies looking to boost the adoption of blockchain technology in the gaming industry, and it is sponsored by companies like Ubisoft, AMD,, Maker, and Algorand.

The organization will be running an online open forum discussion on January 15th about the status of the NTF space and its future in 2021.

The gamification of cryptocurrency investment strategies like yield farming represented a step forward for NFT’s, which promise to be a big player in the crypto ecosystem in 2021.

The Blockchain Game Alliance is Discussing the Latest Trends

The alliance believes that NFTs will play an important role in the game industry in the future and has invited 4 experts to talk about it by using a central question: “Which applications will generate interest and bring innovation in 2021?”.

The guest speakers will be Twobadour Paanar, Joël Hubert, Patrick Barile, Patrick Barile, Patrick Barile, and Alex Gausman, all of them with deep knowledge of the blockchain ecosystem.

Those interested in participating in the open forum will b able to do so via the Livestream on Friday 15th at 4 pm CET on the Alliance’s YouTube channel.

Gaming as the Gate to Blockchain’s Mass Adoption

One of the most important requirements for the mass adoption of any new technology is users not realizing they are using it while benefiting from everything it has to offer.

This level of integration and ease of use is what has made technologies like the internet, streaming, telecommunications, and computing such an essential part of daily life.

Videogame trends like the growing F2P business model incentive users to acquire in-game assets such as skins, weapons, loot boxes, characters, etc, by playing the game to earn them or by buying them.

However, these assets are limited to the developer’s ecosystem and can be taken from the player or modified at any time, making them feel more like borrowed assets.

This has made Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) one of…

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