Blockchain Fund Summit Welcomes Institutional Crowd

The Blockchain Fund Summit will kick off Blockchain Week in New York on May 9th. Light Node Media, a digital media company covering a variety of topics in the Blockchain sector, will be hosting a very unique event focused on educating family offices and institutional investors on investment strategies and opportunities through the lens of some of the most influential fund managers and thought leaders in the Blockchain space.

Some of the Questions and Topics covered:

Is the ICO market dead?

What are considered “viable” investment opportunities within the Blockchain sector?

How will the digital asset class evolve over time?

What does the 2019 market outlook look like?

Event will be held in Standard Hotel Highline, an iconic luxury boutique hotel in New York’s meatpacking district.

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Some of the notable speakers include: Zhen Cao from JLAB/JD Capital, Remington Ong from Fenbushi Capital, Paul Brodsky from Pantera Capital, Jalak Jobanputra from FuturePerfect Ventures, Joe DiPasquale from Bitbull Capital, Abhishek Punia from Draper Associates, Ryan Wang from Outpost Capital, Rui Zhang from Gumi Cryptos Capital, Anu Bhardwaj from Women investing In Women Digital, Ran Neuner from CNBC Crypto Trader, Kelvy Ko from LD Capital, Mitchell Dong from Pythagoras Investment Management, Ralf Kubli from Crypto Valley Venture Capital, Caroline Kassie from Blockchange Ventures, Cindy Leow from 256 Ventures, Mike Chen from GBIC, Brady Dale from Coindesk, Ilya Abugov from Crypto Briefing, Nisa Amoils a Venture Capitalist, Luis Gonzalez from Black Bull Advisors Hedge Fund, Cecilia Li from OK Coin,  Matthew Nacier from Iconic Funds, Jay Liang from OES Capital Group and Danielle Blackwell, a Blockchain Consultant.

Strategic partners include NYU Blockchain, Hong Kong Blockchain Association, Women investing in Women Digital, the Alternative Investment Club of NY, Outpost…

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