Blockchain Fights Coronavirus, Binance Sets Up $50 Mn ‘Blockchain’ Fund

The ‘Blockchain for India’ fund is for startups that are solving industrial and social problems through the use of blockchain technology in India

In the span of two-weeks of February, China had over 20 blockchain-based applications designed to help fight the coronavirus outbreak

Toyota Blockchain Lab to develop auto-industry based blockchain platforms

As the world is fighting against the coronavirus pandemic, different products and solutions based on blockchain technologies have begun to emerge to help deal with the global crisis.  

Coronavirus has disrupted livelihood and health of millions across the globe. Most importantly, it has put worldwide health, science, government and business communities in a dilemma, where they are finding it difficult to tackle this deadly virus. 

In the times of crisis like these, technology and innovative solutions could be a major game-changer. Blockchain technology is coming to the rescue to ease day-to-day operations for healthcare professionals, insurance providers, doctors, governance, educators and researchers among others. 

For instance, Georgia-based blockchain-enabled platform Acoer is helping researchers, scientists and journalists to get real-time information related to Covid-19 confirmed cases, deaths and recoveries and trends.

Similarly, Switzerland-based Odem, a blockchain-powered edtech platform is providing access to students and educational institutions in the times of coronavirus, as most schools and universities are shut down. The platform is built to integrate exiting learning management systems and curriculum, which allows educators to ‘issue digital certificates of completion and achievement,’ as they shift to online classrooms.

In the health tech space, Hong-Kong based Blue Cross (Asia-Pacific) Insurance has utilised its blockchain platform to reduce the amount of paperwork involved in health services as it helps in mitigating the risk of infection from spreading.

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