Blockchain development studio for Bitcoin, RSK & RIF OS opens in San Francisco

RIF Labs, owner of RSK Labs, and Monday Capital, announced the launch of the first Blockchain Innovation and Development Studio for Bitcoin, RSK and RIF OS in San Francisco and a global Ecosystem Fund. The Studio will create new developer tools that will streamline the integration of decentralized infrastructure. It will be a space of experimentation that facilitates the creation of next-generation blockchain solutions in partnership with startups and corporations in order to identify real-world problems that blockchain-based products and services can solve.

The Ecosystem Fund, managed by Monday Capital, a strong supporter of the RIF Ecosystem, will focus on supporting projects around the world that would benefit from RSK/RIF OS technology integration through targeted investments of between $100,000 and $1 million. The Ecosystem Fund will be working closely with the Studio to ensure holistic support of the projects.

Both the Studio and the Fund will work in collaboration: The Studio will be led by Ariel Muslera, who is currently a Strategic Advisor to RIF Labs and brings vast experience with product design, go-to-market strategies for startups and venture investments.

In Muslera’s words: “The Blockchain Innovation and Development Studio is being launched to work in collaboration with startups and companies to identify real-world problems that can benefit from blockchain technology in general, and the RIF/RSK ecosystem in particular over the next several years. In combination with the announced global Ecosystem Fund, our goal is to bring real solutions to the RIF/RSK ecosystem.”

“This is a very important step in turning the Internet of Value vision into very concrete solutions for companies. For years we have been building the low-level protocols (RSK Smart Contracts & RIF OS Infrastructure Services) to turn the Bitcoin ecosystem into the financial system of the future. With the launch of the Studio, we are tackling the final layer, the Application layer….

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