Blockchain & COVID-19 Applications – Blockchain Technology

BlockDown 2020 is bringing the best brains of the blockchain to the mainstage in a virtual 2-day conference. As BlockDown 2020 media partners, we will bring you a rundown of exciting stories from talks, fireside chats, panel discussions as we cover blockchain technology during and beyond COVID-19, news from the DeFI world and more. Stay tuned!

On the first day of the power-packed virtual conference, we had Jorge Sebastiao, CTO Eco-System Huawei Technologies, on the main stage. He said,” You need to find a champion or leader to actually solve a business problem and we have a lot of these people in the blockchain space.”

Blockchain is a technology of trust. So, how does this technology of trust create the reality that is going to help us solve the problems that plague us today?

Some problems encountered today are fake news. Blockchain can help us identify better which sources of information are legit and accurate, and thus are trustworthy.

Areas that blockchain can provide value to
  • Supply Chain
    There are many fake products out there like masks. Blockchain can help confirm the authenticity of those products.
  • Test results
    There are fake testing kits around. Moreover, there is also a need to verify whether the test results are indeed yours.
  • Quarantine
    Enforce GPS fencing to help those with high risk or might have contacted the disease. This is to prevent further spreading of the virus.
  • Global information sharing
    Governments need to share lots of information with their people. Hospitals and doctors also need to relay important information. Blockchain provides the layer of trust and ease of information transfer.
  • Medical records protection
    Blockchain is a technology that uses elements of encryption and digital signature helping to ensure this protection. Besides, it can allow people to have a portable medical record that can be easily verified while maintaining privacy.
  • Contact tracing – The existing technology is unfortunately not accurate enough. The GPS has a resolution of…

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