Blockchain could help solve health care issues during coronavirus crisis

As the coronavirus continues to ravage the world in what the United Nations’ chief calls a “global health crisis unlike any” since the second world war, the healthcare industry is increasingly finding new uses for blockchain in the pandemic war.

Blockchain’s immutability and transparency could help track the virus that causes Covid-19. As the global medical sector faces down the mounting challenge of overburdened hospitals, faulty testing and inconsistent data, the technology is also being used to help disburse payments more efficiently to those infected and to better monitor the spread of the disease through data.

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A shortage of equipment such as face masks and ventilators has also led to increased risks for health care workers. Blockchain could be used to ensure the integrity of the supply chain, to reduce problems of counterfeit equipment and protective gear.

Forkast.News interviewed Dr. David Hanekom, chief medical officer and North America president of Solve.Care, to find out how blockchain technology is being used to battle the pandemic as well as improve health care in general. Solve.Care is a global health care information technology company that uses blockchain to reduce fraud and costs to consumers.

The following interview has been edited and condensed.

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The high cost of health care was already a big issue in the U.S. prior to the coronavirus crisis. How can blockchain technology help reduce costs for patients and the healthcare industry as Covid-19 spreads?

Blockchain technology has the power to grant patients the ability to understand their symptoms better in relation to the coronavirus. Telemedicine platforms with secure and trusted data systems can be leveraged to connect potential sufferers with qualified…

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