Blockchain Company Inblox to Revolutionize Content Consumption

Inblox, one of the most promising and upcoming projects in the blockchain and digital asset space , recently started producing a new series of talk show on blockchain and open education initiative known as inblox #OpenEd. Some of the well-known names on the show include, Apoorv Shankar, Aman Sanduja, Naimish Sanghvi, Vikas Singh, Shikha Mehra and Varun Sethi.

For the uninitiated, Inblox is a project under Fintech sphere that promises to revolutionize the way content is consumed online by people all around the globe specific to the blockchain and crypto ecosystem. It also showcases best used cases of emerging technologies,  and also how investment in digital currency is gaining traction under new asset class.

Inblox, as a facilitator,  caters to growing community needs, has managed to create its own ecosystem, that comprises of respected, prominent Business professionals and inspiring members from Fintech and Trading/Investment space. Inblox, as an aggregator and moderator has created formidable and path breaking innovation which has aided in Inblox’s advancement and penetration within Community members aspiring to get into this ecosystem.

Currently, Inblox’s thrust areas spans across – Media, its consumption and analytics, Education series via #OpenEd series, jobs, Events and most sensitive issues covering regulatory and taxation frameworks. We spoke to Abhimanyu Kashyap, one of the key players in the industry and who is the founder said, “Well, Inblox by itself is not a blockchain company, but there are many people in the ecosystem of Blockchain, AI and digital space who are an integral part of this project. In a way, there is something for people who are working in the blockchain industry and also for those who are not. Apart from that, it is great for networking for both the sections of such Community. We are closely working with some of the greatest minds in the blockchain industry, in India as well as from all over the world.”

Talking about introducing blockchain to the general public Kashyap said he had been talking to some government officials, who have been fairly receptive to the idea. He said, “We have an education portal, where people from all over the world, can access it and learn more about blockchain through a series of free & paid courses.”

One of the most striking features of the project is the media section, which ensures that people only read the most authentic and relevant news, pertaining to blockchain and crypto-assets industry. As Kashyap put it, “There is no dearth of fake news on the Internet. However, with Inblox’s media segment, we ensure that user consumes only  the most accurate news. We have devised a sophisticated layering, that filters out all the junk from the real thing. Inblox has  tied up with some notable media outlets, that helps readers get access to authentic news.”

Not only that, Inblox is all set to air the first episode of its very own talk show. The first season will have six episodes and will be aired on their own channel and will see eminent people from the blockchain and cryptocurrency circuit. The episodes are currently in the post production stage and will be aired soon after the Assembly Elections which will conclude on May 23 this year.

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