Blockchain Bites: Tether’s Dispute, Buterin’s Fix and 3 Reasons for Bitcoin’s Sell-Off

Tether disputes allegations of market manipulation brought in court, Vitalik Buterin issues a proposal for Ethereum’s high gas fees and Voatz weighed in on whether a longstanding federal law over computer access is overly broad.

Top shelf

Tether disputes
Tether and affiliate exchange group iFinex have called for a market manipulation lawsuit to be dismissed because plaintiffs, they say, cannot prove $3 billion worth of unbacked stablecoins actually entered the market. Five crypto traders are suing the companies for incurred monetary losses after buying cryptocurrencies at prices they claim were inflated by Tether’s manipulation of the market. Plaintiffs claim Tether issued billions of dollars worth of dollar-backed cryptos, which Bitfinex then used to purchase cryptocurrencies on the open market to prop prices up during market downturns. Defendants’ lawyers argue the claim USDT is not properly backed is based on “unfounded allegations, and that it hasn’t been proven cryptocurrency prices were indeed artificial at the time in question.

New pairs
BitMEX announced plans to introduce futures markets for two cryptocurrencies, chainlink (LINK) and tezos (XTZ), the first new coins to appear on the exchange in over two years. These two cryptos have seen triple-digit year-to-date returns. BitMEX last listed a new token in June 2018, when it announced a TRON/BTC futures market. Shortly before that announcement, the exchange removed six altcoin futures markets, including ethereum classic (ETC), zcash (ZEC), and monero (XMR). Notably, the new altcoin futures will trade against tether (USDT) instead of bitcoin (BTC). In Friday’s announcement, BitMEX said the reason for this is because “USDT pairs account for over 60% of overall altcoin volume.”

Fee fixes?
Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin released an improvement proposal (EIP 2929) Tuesday in a bid to ameliorate soaring network fees. Average network fees reached $15.21 on Wednesday, up…

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