Blockchain Bites: Google Goes Down, Nexus CEO and US Treasury Get Hacked

Happy Monday. Or maybe not so happy, if you were depending on Google for your job. Here are our top stories today.

Top shelf

The Amazon of DeFi?
That’s what Yearn Finance is rapidly becoming as a result of acquisitions and partnerships, CoinDesk’s Brady Dale suggests in a big-picture analysis this morning. If Bezos’ behemoth has become synonymous in consumers’ minds with low prices, wide delivery and ample selection, Cronje’s creation could achieve similar status among the “degens” of decentralized finance by delivering low fees, high yields and a wide selection of risk profiles. Hmm, a financial supermarket. Where have we heard that one before?

Nexus Mutual CEO hacked
But not Nexus itself. The DeFi insurer’s chief, Hugh Karp, is out $8M worth of its NXM tokens thanks to a wily attacker. Karp is being gracious about it, though. “If you return the NXM in full, we will drop all investigations and I will grant you a $300K bounty,” he told his unknown assailant on Twitter.

Mind the gap
Crypto exchanges have been heavily advertising on the London Underground, cheaper than usual due to the economic fallout from coronavirus. London is about to go into its strictest tier of lockdown, though, which would presumably reduce ridership and hence eyeballs on the ads.

Quick bites

  • DON’T SAY IT, DON’T SAY IT: Google’s services experienced disruptions for about an hour today (CNN, The Verge, WSJ) … but Bitcoin functioned fine (Decrypt).
  • SELL THE NEWS: Flare Networks completes Spark token airdrop. XRP’s price dives 9%. (Modern Consensus)
  • BEEPLE MANIA: Digital artist Beeple sold $582,000 worth of NFTs in five minutes, attracted Sean Ono Lennon’s attention. (Decrypt) If the name isn’t familiar, his mom wrote “Listen, the Snow Is Falling.” And his father, John, wrote a few tunes, too.

Market intel

Bitcoin is still on track to hit a new high of $20,000 in the coming weeks, several analysts told CoinDesk markets reporter Omkar Godbole. MicroStrategy borrowing $650…

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