Blockchain Bites: Bitcoin’s Weary Bulls, ETC’s Action Plan, INX’s IPO

INX is gearing up for a landmark IPO, 1 billion tether jumped from Tron to Ethereum and a shift in bitcoin’s options market suggests bullish speculation is beginning to ease.

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Top shelf

INX plans to launch its landmark initial public offering (IPO) as soon as Monday. The cryptocurrency and security token exchange signaled plans to go public in January 2018, aiming to become the first Securities and Exchange Commission-compliant security token offering, open to mom-and-pop investors. INX will price 130 million tokens at $0.90 each, totaling $117 million in gross proceeds. These tokens will have utility on the company’s exchange and entitle investors to a share in profits.

Auto complete?
Three Swiss crypto companies have completed the first automated bitcoin transaction that meets anti-money laundering (AML) standards. Zug-based Crypto Finance AG and 21 Analytics, and Geneva’s Mt Pelerin announced Friday 21 CHF worth of bitcoin (~$23) had been sent in a live demonstration of a new transaction using the Travel Rule Protocol, an automated way to comply with standards set by the Financial Action Task Force’s “Travel Rule.” Since being adopted, intermediaries have had to do Travel Rule compliance manually.

Patching ETC 
Following a spate of 51% attacks, ETC Labs has shored up an action plan to protect the Ethereum Classic blockchain. In the short term, ETC Labs will attempt to stabilize the chain’s plummeting hashrate, increase network monitoring, coordinate closely with exchanges and deploy a finality arbitration system. Longer term could see a change in ETC’s proof-of-work mining algorithm, the introduction of a treasury system and adding 51% attack-resistant features.

Tether swap
Stablecoin issuer Tether shifted 1 billion in…

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