Blockchain-based gaming leads to crypto adoption: Komodo CTO

Kadan Stadelmann on Blockchain-based Gaming

Crypto Insider recently interviewed Kadan Stadelmann, the Chief Technology Officer of the Komodo blockchain project. We discussed blockchain-based gaming and the unique contributions Komodo has for the gaming industry.

Stadelmann is a software developer and ethical hacker with years of experience from work on various IT projects for the Austrian and Tunisian governments. He also built SatoshiHack, a blockchain business he successfully developed and later sold. SatoshiHack was founded in December 2011 with a focus on blockchain hackathons and recruitment.

The Komodore 64 Project

According to Stadelmann, the Komodo team views gaming as an important avenue for blockchain adoption. For this reason, the team decided to lead the way and provide game developers with templates they can work with.

According to the Komodo CTO, entering the blockchain gaming scene is a way of showcasing the utility of Komodo technology. He, however, added:

I wouldn’t say that Komodo is moving into the gaming industry specifically. Komodo provides flexible, low-level blockchain technology that can be adapted to suit just about any use case. Blockchain-based gaming is really just one of many important avenues for adoption.

Komodore64 is the project within the Komodore ecosystem aimed at using Komodo’s technology to create blockchain-based games. Stadelmann mentioned some of the successes chalked so far. In Komodo’s Roguelander—an iteration of a classic game built in the 1980s—users can convert their avatars to non-fungible tokens with records of their game history.

In another instance, an atomic swap of non-fungible tokens representing a game avatar’s player data was executed on Komodo’s decentralized exchange (DEX). Stadelmann likened this breakthrough to the trading of avatars from World of Warcraft for Bitcoin(BTC) or Komodo (KMD).

The Komodo CTO also touched on what the project has in store for game developers. Beyond…

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