Blockchain-Backed Election Art Sells for $66K, Animation Changes After Electoral College Decision

While Americans wait for the official outcome of the electoral college, a blockchain-backed non-fungible token (NFT) called “Crossroad” will change to one of two animations featuring the 45th U.S. President Donald Trump. The animated election-based “Crossroad” NFT recently sold for a whopping $66,666 to a user named “Pablo.”

Non-fungible tokens have been very popular in 2020 and a great number of blockchain-backed digital art pieces have been sold to collectors. Just recently, blockchain artwork was auctioned at the popular public auction house at Christie’s New York. The NFT art called “Block 21” sold for $131,250 to a collector. Ten days ago, an NFT designed by the artist called “Beeple” sold for $66,666, and this particular piece of digital art is quite unique.

The artwork is called “Crossroad” and it features depictions of Joe Biden and President Donald Trump not wearing any clothes. The two look like they might go at it in a fistfight and they are both seemingly floating in space. Now the NFT is unique because depending on the official outcome of the election, the artwork will transition into something different.

Blockchain-Backed Election Art Sells for $66K, Animation Changes After Electoral College Decision

For instance, if the electoral college or the Supreme Court confirms that Biden is the winner, the picture will show Trump lying on the ground naked and covered in graffiti. If Trump happens to defy all the odds against him and he wins on December 14, 2020, then the NFT will change to a muscular Trump wearing a crown and jogging through the flames of hell.

Now many readers may be wondering why the NFT will change later, when mainstream media outlets like the Associated Press and other news outlets have called Biden the projected winner. However, the media doesn’t really call the winner officially and never has in the past.

For instance, during the U.S. election in 2000, mainstream media messed up horribly by predicting that Al Gore won the race. “We don’t just have egg on our face,”…

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