Blockchain authentication ideal for testing Chinese made masks

Blockchain authentication has come to play as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect every aspect of life across the globe.  Real Items firm is urging the KN95 mask manufacturers to guarantee the authenticity of the items.

Real Item is a blockchain-based outfit that provides consumer protection services and is using the underlying technology to rid the market of counterfeit KN96 masks. With the demand for masks on the rise, the made in China KN95 masks authenticity is in doubt.

Growing trust in blockchain authentication

The U.S. has been hit by N95 masks prompting the Food and Drug Administration to allow usage of KN95 type. However, as opposed to the N95 which are regulated in the U.S. the KN95 are China regulated. Secondly, the two sets share a lot of similarities, authenticity concerns have been raised over the KN95.

Real Items CEO David Nebard has reached out to the Chinese KN95 mask manufacturers. This is in regard to the products used in the U.S. and offered to use blockchain to rid the market of counterfeits from traders cashing in on the demand.

The CEO goes on to say that he is aware of unscrupulous traders producing fake KN95s. He adds:

“… the same masks “would be used in America, I was staying up 24-hours a day to get hold of a factory in China that would use real item’s technology to guarantee authenticity for their KN95 masks.”

Use of blockchain authentication plug-in

Real Items is working on a plug-in on Shopify that will help rid the market of fake KN95 masks. With the blockchain-based plug-in, only authentic masks will be circulated in the U.S. market.

The role of the technology is to track the mask from the manufacturer through the supply chain system until they get to the end-user. By tracking and locating the movement of the masks, all loopholes will be sealed leaving no room for counterfeits.

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