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Gavel and electronic devices. Regulation of blockchain.

Blockchain technology offers many exciting developments and opportunities for many industries. Since the blockchain existed, the sector that has been mentioned the most with this technology is the banking and finance sector. Of course, the cryptocurrency phenomenon born with Bitcoin also has a big impact on this.

But as time went on and bright and clever minds around the world focused on working on blockchain technology, the blockchain was very useful in the banking and finance industry as well as in other sectors, and has the power to start a new era. Sectors such as logistics, food, real estate, and retailing are among the sectors that show great interest in blockchain technology. The leading global giants of these sectors devote serious resources to blockchain technology compatible infrastructure and R&D studies, as we see in the news announced to the public every day.

The law industry has not yet met with blockchain technology closely. The first reason that comes to mind is that it is a bit heavier, conservative and skeptical of innovations, by nature. Zira law can advance at the speed of both the judiciary and legislative forces that created and applied it, and the academy that interpreted and analyzed it. However, law is not only a science, but also a very large and important sector in the economic system. In this respect, just like other sectors, there is no possibility of turning its back on the innovations and possibilities required by the time.

In this context, the world of law has now started to hear the name of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is increasingly coming into contact with law every day, both in new events and problems that come before law, and in the work of lawyers working on the theory of law. In this way, lawyers, academics and other elements in the world of law began to think about what benefits and innovations blockchain technology can…

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