Blockchain And Cannabis: How Blockchain Improves Quality, Authenticity, and Traceability

By Meni Morim, CEO of Namaste Technologies

Blockchain is making headway in the cannabis industry by improving consumers’ and suppliers’ trust. Characterized by a distributed ledger system that stores data, blockchain helps trace cannabis products from seed to consumption, maintain product quality and authenticity, and create a foundation for further technology to centralize data.

Although Health Canada currently requires all cannabis companies to have a seed to sale ERP system, which is a technology that tracks where the strain came from to provide consumers with a safe and legal product, cannabis consumers may still have doubts that the product they’ve chosen is actually the product they’re getting. This is where blockchain becomes useful; with a digitized data system, it helps determine the product’s authenticity, quality, and traceability.

Blockchain gives consumers the ability to track product truly from seed to consumption, so they can see where it was acquired, grown, packaged, shipped, and actually consumed by the end user.

Currently, the cannabis industry lacks a central database for strains. Product testing is done by Licensed Producers (LPs), but consumers and suppliers have little access to the data. Blockchain creates infrastructure to unify this information and allows further technology to be created where LPs can upload data for consumers’ and suppliers’ easy consumption, increasing their confidence in the strains.

Although blockchain is in its early stages in the cannabis industry, its ability to track products across the…

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