Blockchain a Game Changer for BFSI — Webinar Concluded Successfully!

Lockdown seems to be the time that has given everyone the freedom to THINK, LEARN & GROW. In these unprecedented times Clavent took the responsibility to help the community with learning and delivering exceptional events around emerging technologies. That’s why they have launched Webinars, Online Conferences and other exciting free virtual content, covering emerging technologies Test Automation, DevOps, Blockchain, AI/ML, IoT, Design Thinking and more to provide the viewers with the best insights about ever-evolving technology at their ease during this lockdown period.

Last Saturday, 18 April 2020 Clavent hosted a free webinar on “HOW BLOCKCHAIN COULD BE A GAME CHANGER FOR BFSI?” facilitated by Mr. Vijay Kumar. Vijay is the Founder of DigitalFort Technologies and has 11 US patents and is a certified Security and Blockchain Expert. Vijay Kumar is a speaker, moderator and panelist across India, UAE and Europe on Cyber Security and Emerging Technologies.

This webinar was attended by 150+ participants from different parts of the world like India, Australia, Philippines & Singapore.

The talk/session was focused on:

  • How Blockchain has the potential to solve deterring issues of Non-Performing Assets (NPA) grappling most economies and how they could be instrumental in increasing the GDP of any country?
  • How they could be instrumental in increasing the GDP of any country?
  • How investment banks need to reinvent themselves to face challenges posed by disintermediation and decentralization?

In addition to that, It brought forth killer smart contract potential use cases, applications & services of Blockchain in the BFSI. Also, Vijay Kumar presented some real-life case studies to the attendees. One of the case studies was about an Indian public bank which experienced a fraud lately that costed Indian taxpayers millions of dollars in the whole process. The man was none other than Nirav Modi who found the gap in the traditional banking system and leveraged it to a fraud of 2…

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