Debuts Big-Business Version of EOSIO Blockchain, the company behind the multibillion-dollar-backed EOS ecosystem, has its sights locked on the enterprise blockchain space.

Announced Thursday, has released “EOSIO for Business,” an enterprise-focused version of its software featuring Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS), consulting, technical support and training and certification programs, the company said.

Blockchain cloud services can offer businesses a quick and painless way to spin up digital ledgers on their preferred cloud computing platforms.

“Despite knowing the inherent benefits that blockchain will deliver to their business operations, many in-house product engineering teams are wary of the complexity involved in setting up and administering their own blockchain,” said Chief Operating Officer Ted Cahall in a statement.

It’s commonplace for enterprise blockchains to team up with cloud providers; Ethereum-based Quorum’s long association with Microsoft Azure is a good example. While was buoyed by recent news about Google Cloud joining EOS and providing infrastructure support, the enterprise BaaS offering will be using Amazon Web Services, a spokesperson confirmed.

Enterprise blockchain has continued chugging along quietly, dominated for the most part by the big three: Hyperledger, enterprise Ethereum, and the R3 Corda community.

However, the enterprise space appears to be pastures green as far as the EOSIO software community is concerned. While the public EOS blockchain has been beset by governance issues, EOSIO programmers in places like Costa Rica and Argentina are focused on established businesses. For example, EOS Costa Rica beat off competition from the likes of Hyperledger to win a blockchain deal with global accountancy firm Grant Thornton back in May of this year.

Over the summer, LatamLink, the EOSIO Latin American contingency, fielded an audacious bid to provide blockchain support to LACChain, a blockchain framework that has the backing of…

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