‘Black Swan’ Author Pulls a 180- Nassim Taleb Says ‘Bitcoin’s a Failure, at Least for Now’ – Bitcoin News

On February 12, the well known Lebanese-American essayist and risk analyst, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, declared that the leading digital currency bitcoin is a failure, at least for now. Cryptocurrency fans have been upset by Taleb’s recent statements, after it seems the renowned author has done a complete 180 after supporting the crypto asset for years.

Nassim Taleb Is Not Impressed With Bitcoin These Days

Nassim Nicholas Taleb is a very popular author, mathematical statistician, and scholar. Over the years, Taleb has been very critical of today’s monetary system, the current finance industry, and the most recent financial crises. The philosopher is best known for his books “The Black Swan” (2010) and “Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder” (2012).

After Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin network, Taleb was initially very optimistic about this emerging technology and over the years he wrote positive things about the digital asset.

'Black Swan' Author Pulls a 180- Nassim Taleb Says 'Bitcoin's a Failure, at Least for Now'
Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s recent critique of bitcoin seems to have stirred the BTC community because not too long ago, Taleb liked bitcoin and wrote about the digital asset in a positive light. “[Bitcoin’s] mere existence is an insurance policy that will remind governments that the last object establishment could control, namely, the currency, is no longer their monopoly. This gives us, the crowd, an insurance policy against an Orwellian future,” Taleb wrote in 2018.

Two years ago in a post published on Taleb’s Opacity blog dubbed “It May Fail but We Now Know How to Do It,” the novelist explained that “Bitcoin is an excellent idea.” Taleb said that his essay was initially written as a foreword to the book written by Saifedean Ammous, but he also stressed that he did not subscribe to Saifedean Ammous’s “crankish and conspiratorial ideas.” When discussing bitcoin (BTC), Taleb’s opinion at the time was that the cryptocurrency was a powerful animal.

“It fulfills the…

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