Black People & Cryptocurrency Is On A Mission To Launch An Accelerator For Black-Led Blockchain Startups

Written by Ebony Grimsley-Vaz

Deidra McIntyre
“There were a few Black people running solo. It didn’t seem like everyone was connected”: Deidra McIntyre on why she founded Black People & Cryptocurrency. McIntyre teaches, consults and supports entrepreneurs and schools about blockchain. She co-founded Black People & Cryptocurrency, an online community of 10,000-plus that holds discussions on how to invest, mining and business news with an emphasis on African and African diaspora trends and interests. Image: Black Blockchain Summit

Deidra McIntyre found her way into the cryptocurrency space seven years ago while doing research for a client.

She realized early on that people were curious but lacked information — and confidence — about blockchain and crypto to buy direct, making them vulnerable to multi-level marketing schemes.

Remember OneCoin? The founder obtained more than $3 billion worldwide through an MLM sham. Similarly, MiningMax asked people to invest thousands in exchange for a referral commission.

It became so blatant, scammers took to running Facebook and Google ads hoping to catch new prey. Eventually, Facebook and Google began to flag paid posts for cryptocurrency and stopped the MLM advertising campaigns on their platforms.

Headlines like this one in the New York Times give bitcoin a bad name: “Bitcoin Has Lost Steam. But Criminals Still Love It.”

McIntyre was concerned about what she was seeing. “I was being direct messaged by people saying ‘Hey, if you want to invest in bitcoin, I have this great program for you and it only costs $100 a month,’” she told Moguldom.

With a background in print journalism and education, McIntyre co-founded and launched Black People & Cryptocurrency in an attempt to help educate the Black community online. Black People & Cryptocurrency holds online discussions on how to invest and mine cryptocurrency with an emphasis on…

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