#BizTrends2020: Millennials and green investing

Millennials are responsible for spearheading the rise of socially and environmentally conscious investing. These thought-provoking investment choices, as well as several other exciting investment opportunities, may currently be considered immature, but essentially hold virtually unlimited growth potential.


Green, clean and ethical investing

While the previous generation continues to blame its successors for all the current social and economic woes of the world, millennials are instead pushing for a change in the global status quo.

Green investing stems from a push to encourage companies to ease their burden on the environment, which has gained unstoppable momentum. We are currently at the tipping point, where what started as a grassroots movement, is now developing into a global trend with no end in sight – and that’s a good thing.

The investment landscape is also changing as more and more companies find that going green translates to improvements in their bottom line, because investing in renewable energies drives down costs and increases investor confidence. Investors are certainly more conscious and are currently more interested in organic foods, recycling and owning hybrid or fully electric vehicles, rather than bottomless economic growth. Case in point, Toyota Prius, the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle, went on sale more than two decades ago with moderate success, yet it wasn’t until millennials came along, that we started to see wide scale adoption of electric vehicles.

Regulatory standards are also shifting to accommodate these demands, meaning that companies focusing their efforts on minimising their carbon footprint will also benefit from keeping the regulators happy. This shows that thinking ahead can not only keep costs down, but also help avoid potential fines in the future.

The rise of the trading bots

But make no mistake, millennials aren’t only interested in ethical investing and corporate social responsibility. They also care about…

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