Bittrex Crypto Exchange Adds Siacoin (SC) USD Trading Pair Market to Platform


Bittrex, the Seattle based crypto exchange will introduce a USD trading pair for the Sia Coin. Sia (SC) is a decentralized storage platform, which is powered by the blockchain. It leverages underutilized hard drive space. The trading pair will be released to qualified investors on October 29. The announcement was made via a tweet that offered a link to the main article on the announcement.

Details Of The Announcement

According to the announcement, the SC/USD trading pair is going to start on Monday, October 29. Fiat trading in only offered to retail investors in 26 states and territories of the US. These are Arizona, California, Georgia, Kansas, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Florida, Colorado, Mississippi, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Washington State, West Virginia, Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Puerto Rico, South Dakota, Utah, and Wisconsin.

How To Take Part

If you live in the US in a state that is not mentioned above, you might still be able to participate in the USDT and ETH markets. More states will be added after the initial rollout. To have a Bittrex account added to the USD markets, it should be eligible if it was created before September 4, 2018. This only applies to those in regions mentioned above.

For those accounts created after this data, existing corporate accounts, or those that want to add a bank account for USD deposits, they have to submit a Fiat request to the exchange.

Future Additions For USD Pairs

The exchange is testing the waters with a few pairs to decide whether the processes and systems work. They aim to add fiat trading to the major crypto coins on the platform. They are also reviewing listed blockchain projects and getting feedback from the customers. All these factors will help them decide which coin will be added next. The exchange has a form that development teams for listed crypto can complete if they wish to be considered.

Bittrex is always exploring new projects and…

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