BitTorrent Creator Tees Off Against Ethereum

Bram Cohen, the creator of BitTorrent, recently spoke out against Ethereum in a 28-post tweetstorm outlining his concerns about the project’s viability. 

The crypto community is no stranger to drama, and a new one is seemingly unfolding right now. Recently, Ethereum’s co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, shared a text under the title of ‘Hard Problems in Cryptocurrency: Five Years Later.’ In the text, he elaborates on different aspects, plans, and issues that are or might start affecting the crypto industry, and especially Ethereum.

However, while Buterin seems to be generally concerned about these issues — such as scalability, timestamping, Arbitrary Proof of Computation, Code Obfuscation, Hash-Based Cryptography, and more — not everyone agrees.

Cohen criticizes Vitalik Buterin

BitTorrent creator, Bram Cohen, stood up against Buterin’s claims on Twitter, basically dismissing most of them or pointing out that some solutions are not even worth considering right now for various reasons. He called Buterin’s claims wrong-headed, and began a 28-tweets-long thread in which he addressed Buterin’s claims, point by point.

For example, in the part of his text where he talks about Blockchain Scalability, Buterin mentions on-chain scaling with sharding as the only option worth considering. Cohen strongly disagrees, stating that payment channel networks are a much better way to go about it, and are becoming ‘a real thing.’

This appears to be one of the most concerning parts of Buterin’s text, as he sees it as a sure way to end up requiring miners to have all the shards. According to him, that would not be sharding, but redefining what a ‘full node’ is. Of course, Buterin did not claim this himself, but Cohen sees it as a…

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