BitMart Lists the Global Non- Cash Remittance Ecosystem — SureRemit (RMT)

BitMart, a premiere global digital asset trading platform, recently announced the listing of SureRemit. RMT/BTC and RMT/USDT trading pairs are available starting on September 20th. 

SureRemit is a blockchain-powered global ecosystem of merchants that delivers purposeful non-cash remittance. Leveraging on the merchant network of SureGifts and its global partners, SureRemit aims to enable immigrants and customers send e-vouchers that can be used to purchase goods and pay bills globally. Users can now download SureRemit APP on iOS or Android in 141 countries, making it possible to send non-cash value all over the world. 

The SureRemit token (RMT) is a utility token build on the Stellar Network. Within the SureRemit ecosystem, the Remit token (RMT) will be used internally to access vouchers and pay bills for targeted remittances. Customers will be able to select the country, search for the merchants and create an order for a voucher to be delivered via SMS, Email, and pay in RMT. 

“We are delighted with this partnership and listing at BitMart,” said Selwyn Paehlig, Global Venture Developer of SureRemit. “The listing supports our development in the crypto landscape and provides easy access to important Asian markets. We will also discuss further cooperation in B2B solutions for Africa – Asia trading corridors in the near future.” 

“It has always been our mission to provide financial freedom worldwide,” said Sheldon Xia, founder, and CEO of BitMart. “SureRemit aims to simply global remittance by making cross-border transactions cheaper, faster and seamless, and we applaud it moving the industry forward.” 

About BitMart 

BitMart is a premier global digital asset trading platform in the cryptocurrency market with over 850,000 users worldwide and ranks among the top 5 crypto exchanges on CoinMarketCap. BitMart currently offers 252 trading pairs with relatively low trading fees in the market. As of today, BitMart has offices in South Korea,…

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