Bitmain Unveils 33,000-Acre Bitcoin Mining Facility in Texas

Chinese ASIC manufacturer Bitmain has just opened what it claims to be the world’s largest Bitcoin mining facility in association with DMG and the Rockdale Municipal Development District.

This is now the third cryptocurrency mining project from Bitmain in the United States. The Rockdale mining facility is another milestone for the company and a major step in its vision of helping to push the global adoption of Bitcoin.

Bitmain Blazes New Trails in Texas

According to the recent announcement, construction on the initial 25 MW mining farm began on a 33,000-acre plot owned by the Aluminum Company of America, Alcoa back in 2018. Now, with a capacity of 50 MW, Bitmain has opened the doors to its ambitious new facility.

This goal falls in line with Bitmain’s plan to create the world’s largest Bitcoin mining farm with a capacity of up to 300 MW.

Texas has long been known as the energy capital of the world since many major energy companies have a base in Houston. Because of this, it seems only natural that Bitmain would establish a foothold there as a strategic move towards maintaining a strong presence in the states.

Commenting on the construction of the 50 MW mining facility, Clinton Brown, the Lead Project Manager of the Rockdale facility for Bitmain said; “We are excited to launch this facility, which is significant to Bitmain’s global expansion plans. The stable and efficient energy resources in Texas are fundamental to the inevitable scale of growth for the cryptocurrency mining industry.”

Expressing similar excitement towards the prospect of this project, the mayor of Rockdale, John King commented: “Bitmain will be the future for developing new industrial projects in Rockdale, Texas. We are excited to continue to build partnerships together”

Bitmain Texas

Big Partners, Big Industry

In this project, Bitmain has partnered with DMG Blockchain Solutions, a software consulting firm focusing on Blockchain projects. DMG will provide the back and front-end hosting as well as…

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