Bitmain Teach Blockchain to Students Living Around Its Texas Mining Farm

Bitmain, the world’s largest manufacturer of bitcoin-mining computers, has promised to spread knowledge about cryptocurrency among the local students living around its under-construction mining farm in Texas.

Bitmain is constructing a 25-megawatt mining farm in an old Alcoa Aluminium smelting plant spread over 33,000 acres in Rockdale, Texas. The company plans to expand the project to 50-megawatt and eventually up to 300-megawatt, making it the largest mining farm in the world.

The plant will be managed by DMG, a cryptocurrency, and blockchain platform. DMG will employ 400 people to run the facility.

Cryptocurrency mining plants require large amounts of electricity. Among US states, Texas has the fourth-lowest cost of power for industrial consumers. Work on the plant began in 2018 but halted in early 2019 as Bitcoin prices tumbled. The current recovery in Bitcoin prices prompted the company to move ahead with the project.

This is the third mining project in which Bitcoin has invested in the US.

Bitmain and DMG will interact with Rockdale Municipal Development District to develop facilities to impart training programs to the local population to equip them with skills to work on the mining farm.

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