Bitmain Antminer B3 ASIC Miner For Bytom (BTM): Worth It?

It is clear that Bitmain has not gotten over the new release of the ASIC miners, but this time around the release seems to only be for the Asian market in the new form of the Antminer B3 ASIC miner for the Bytom (BTM). This new Antminer B3 is said to offer around 780 H/s mining hash rate with about 360 watts of just power usage and it will cost you about $27,000 USD, having the shipments start immediately.

But there is a limited offer on the units that have been developed, to be exact just 2500 only, so get ordering before they run out. The company will be limiting one unit per every customer just to ensure every investor is able to get a hold of this gadget, plus there are restrictions that have been imposed for shipping to Hong Kong.

Shipping of this first batch will be done on a first paid first ship basis as of 1st of May, but this will only be for the orders that the company has received the full payment.

But what is more interesting is that Bytom, the BTM, has just launched their main network and the mining will be starting soon. Thus if you have the ASIC miner ready just when the crypto-coin starts is something new and exciting to look forward to. However, Bytom went and listed Bitmain among their partners on the company website, so all this might not be much of a surprise.

What You Need To Know About Bytom?

Bytom is a blockchain platform that has been made available to the public, a platform that has been designed to transfer assets from the atomic world and straight to the byte world. The token distribution mechanism on the system shows that 33% of the Bytom is actually reserved for the mining rewards. As a result, the current mining machines will need to be equipped with proper AI ASIC accelerating chips.

And with the new Antminer B3, well, it perfectly meets these requirements for the Bytom miners, just to ensure they gain their profits. Bytom has also gone a step further in integrating a convolution and matrix calculations in there hashing process….

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