Bitfarms Mining Firm in Quebec Expands Even if Locals Are Fighting Against It

Bitfarms cryptocurrency mining company is still expanding, in spite of protesters from Sherbrooke, Quebec, where the firm in based.

The local news agency City News has reported on November 20th that people living close to the site of Bitfarms’ mining operations are complaining about the vibrations and sound coming from the facility in which the company is mining.

Bitfarms Representatives Have Promised to Solve the Problem

Executives at Bitfarms said they will solve the problem by putting up a 23-meter high wall around the farm, but this hasn’t convinced the people to no longer protest. Marcel Cyr, who lives across the river from Bitfarms has said that even if residents have complained, the company hasn’t stopped from expanding its activity. He continued by stating that people want the business to no longer continue with its operations until the noise problem is fixed. He said,

“They say they are acting in good faith. And in the beginning, we believed them. But we no longer believe them. How can we? The noise destroys the environment, destroys people’s health because of the stress. We had peace and quiet, and we want peace and quiet to return.”

The Company Manages 5 Mining Operations That Are Spread Across the Province

Bitfarms operates in 5 different locations that are spread across Quebec. It takes advantage of places where the hydropower is cheap. In Sherbrooke, it closed a deal with the administration to pay CAD$3 million, which is $2.25 million, every year for electricity. Mark Denault, the city counselor, has admitted that if he had known how much noise the mining firm’s cooling fans would make, he would have never allowed it to be located in Sherbrooke. He added that if the problems arising would have been foreseen, the company would no longer mine from the current location.

A Solution May Exist

Denault wanted to mention that the company is looking into the matter and planning to renovate the building from where it operates with a soundproof wall. He…

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