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In the fifth installment of the “BitcoinTina On Bitcoin” series, CK and BitcoinTina discussed the potential bull market scenarios for bitcoin.

In this podcast, they covered three different bitcoin price scenarios which are all very bullish but difficult and distinct to trade.

The cornerstone of BitcoinTina’s argument is that Bitcoin has a new class of buyer. Before the bitcoin market was run by the youth and the technologically advance. Now, we are seeing Baby Boomers, institutions and corporations come in with much more purchasing power, very different needs and very different investing behaviors.

Bitcoin is becoming safe. The investors that are entering into the bitcoin market in 2021 have watched tech stocks to go straight up for 20 years. Many of them traded tech incorrectly and missed the move. Some will get that bitcoin is the same, but much bigger. It matters who is coming in to buy bitcoin.

Michael Saylor said that if you understand bitcoin, you can not own just a 1 percent position. It’s absurd! If you hold bitcoin you have an advantage financially. With bitcoin, you are on the high ground. Investors, stackers and institutions are realizing this. No one knows how bitcoin will play out, but if you don’t even understand the player in the game there is no way you will begin to understand its trajectory.

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