Bitcoin’s First Full Market Cycle Ends With $3T Cap, $150K BTC, and Major Attack

Most people are keenly aware of Bitcoin’s potential, but until that potential is closer to being realized, nearly all of its value is derived from the masses speculating over its future value and use as a global currency. But it’s difficult to perfectly predict the future, and uncertainty around regulation, and future competition from the likes of Facebook and even other altcoins puts Bitcoin’s future as the sole crypto to rule them all in jeopardy.

One particular trader and investor, with over “25+” years of trading experience across forex and crypto markets, says that as Bitcoin completes its first-ever full 16-year market cycle, the leading crypto asset by market cap will have reached a value of $150K per BTC, have a $3 trillion dollar market cap, will have experienced a major, coordinated attack, and suffer a grueling six-year-long bear market before the next phase in the asset’s lifecycle begins and Bitcoin reaches its true potential.

Crypto Analyst Predicts Full 16-Year Market Cycle for Bitcoin, $150K BTC

All financial markets cycle, in different timeframes. The crypto market just went through a hype-driven peak, followed by a year-long drawdown and bear market. That cycle is now starting to display the beginning signs that the cycle is restarting.

But this was just one minor cycle, and in financial markets, there are commonly many other cycles to be considered. Oftentimes, markets cycle alongside United States presidencies, and others are simply tied to time.

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As Bitcoin is nearly more than two thirds of the way through of its first ever full sixteen year market cycle, and with a new macro cycle beginning, career trader with over 25 years experience in forex and crypto markets, has attempted to predict some of the major milestones and challenges the cryptocurrency will face along the way, as it gets closer to fully reaching its potential as a…

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