Bitcoin VS Altcoins – How Much Trust Do You Have In Altcoins?

You’ll have to dig quite deep in various financial markets to witness a group of project/companies consistently fluctuating in price/value and in many, reach as low as 90-95% of its initial value.

Since Bitcoin’s inception, many other Altcoins have joined the Cryptocurrency space, all attempting to make a breakthrough in enhancing various traditional sectors.

Albeit, taking into consideration that some projects could be considered as “utter garbage”A nice way of my phrasing.

But how much trust do you have in Altcoins?

Do more and more investors believe there is a future for many other Cryptocurrencies?

@CryptoDonAlt recently tweeted about the general trust amongst investors of Altcoins;

The tweet was met with some interesting replies with some users replying;

“Alts are what make crypto exciting & bring in more investors. Such a small number of major holders own most of the BTC or Eth. Vert centralized in that they control the price. Needs to be other alts that take some market cap so the field evens”

Now Bitcoin, as things stand, is certainly number 1 in the Cryptocurrency space even after numerous attempts to dethrone its position;

  1. It is the most familiar and well known Crypto amongst newbies
  2. Bitcoin is pegged to every Cryptocurrency highlighting its dominance
  3. Bitcoin generally tends to be ‘slightly’ less volatile than Altcoins

Bitcoin VS Altcoin Volatility

The volatility in Cryptocurrency is certainly one that may not only deter away a lot of…

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