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Right now, America is heating up. Our mass is collectively shifting and vibrating at a higher and higher rate, as we endure abrasive alterations in our lives. Catalysts in society serve as flames that heat up the environments of people and make changes occur.

A lot of this heat is being applied by money right now. There is a large group of people who are unemployed, who were not so before the pandemic. Certain industries crumble while others prosper. A lot of this is merely the acceleration of changes that would have happened anyway, but now occurring at a much faster rate.

Monetary pressure bursts at the seams, much like steam in a container. The most vulnerable in our society, the homeless and the disenfranchised, suffer at the hands of government negligence and mismanagement. They are the cracks — the places where disaster was simply waiting to happen.

“Some of us feel the icy wind, of poverty blowing in the air.”

Marvin Gaye, “Right On”

Why must the poor always despair due to the economic woes of the wealthy? The people lining the street had no responsibility for this disaster; they simply suffered the result of an unprepared society being faced with an unexpected event.

The pandemic response has been baffling. The entire playbook has consisted of printing money, allocating scant amounts to universal basic income payments with the rest being shoved on the already dying economy that left us in this fragile position in the first place.

The money being printed is not being allocated where it should be, and this is a result of its being printed in the first place. If we were using a scarce resource as money, one which demanded a high value and was irreplaceable, we would think much harder about its use. But when one can simply wave a wand and double the amount available to themselves, it is easy to lose sight of sound financial planning.

I would specifically mention Saifedean Ammous’s reference to the economic recovery of the 1920 depression from…

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