Bitcoin SV- the Fastest Growing Blockchain, ever

15 November 2019 marks one year since Bitcoin SV (BSV) emerged in the world’s first Bitcoin hash war, to declare independence for original Bitcoin.  After years of BTC and BCH protocol developers deviating from the design of Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto and artificially restricting Bitcoin’s capabilities, BSV is restoring the “Satoshi Vision.”  While it uses a new ticker symbol, BSV represents the original Bitcoin protocol and finally enables the blockchain to massively scale – just as Satoshi always intended.

Jimmy Nguyen, President of Bitcoin Association, the global industry organization which advances Bitcoin SV, remarks: “We declare November 15 as Bitcoin Independence Day, to commemorate BSV’s rise to free and protect original Bitcoin.  We’ve seen tremendous scaling success and application development on BSV in just one year, confirming that Bitcoin’s original design always worked.”

In just one year, BSV has been solving the biggest problem facing Bitcoin to date: scaling.  BSV currently handles up to 20,000,000 transactions per day and is progressing to be able to handle thousands of transactions per second.  This level of capacity can compete with VISA payment network capacity, and supports enterprise usage for tokens, smart contracts, big data and other applications.  The BSV network now rivals BTC for more daily transactions (Coin.Dance) on chain as well as bigger average block sizes.  BSV is the only blockchain project massively scaling to support high transaction volume, keep fees super low to enable micropayments and microtranscations, and provide bigger data capacity for enterprise uses.  

And in just one year, application development rapidly ignited on BSV.  Examples of real business projects already being built on BSV include:

  • BUSKON, a new Korean-based music streaming business from ONEStore (2nd largest mobile app store in South Korea), that found BSV is the only blockchain that meets its requirements for…

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