Bitcoin SV Roadmap Is Only Available to a Select Few

Just in case you wanted to catch a glimpse of Bitcoin SV’s roadmap, you’ll need to be part of the inner circle first. Head over to the page where it resides and you’re met with a message saying “protected” and prompting you to enter a password.

Bitcoin SV Roadmap Is Password Protected

The decision from the Bitcoin SV camp to password-protect their road map seems like a curious one. It was pointed out by Dragon Industries founder Arthur van Pelt:

There is no way to sign up or create a password so it seems as if the roadmap is only available to a select few. That is, the centralized inner circle of Satoshi’s true vision for Bitcoin… or however that goes.

Van Pelt’s followers pointed out that the roadmap was most likely off-limits since BCV was:

Totally lost on the road to nowhere

While others suggested to:

Try 1,2,3,4,5
Password must be as secure as their network

Perhaps Craig Wright and his team are still figuring out the roadmap for supposedly decentralized BSV. But it certainly raises a few eyebrows about what’s going on over there.

With its first halving completed today, if BSV network follows the same path as BCH in the last two days, its hashrate will drop off a cliff as its miners capitulate to Bitcoin to make greater gains.

As pointed out by Benjamin Celermajer CMBI Manager at Coin Metrics, BCH hashrate is “falling through the roof”. It is down 73% in two days and Bitcoin SV will likely follow suit.

Part of the problem for both BCH and BSV is that both chains use the same SHA-256 at Bitcoin….

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