Bitcoin “Should Be Part Of Every Investor’s Portfolio”

Mexico’s third wealthiest billionaire according to Forbes is a Bitcoin fan. Ricardo Salinas Pliego sure did his homework, and he’s here to make you see the light. The billionaire recently announced that he holds 10% of his portfolio in Bitcoin. Why? Salinas Pliego knows a few of the reasons that make BTC the soundest money that the world has ever seen.

The subtitled video arrives via podcaster Anthony Pompliano, who says, “Incredible to see this from @RicardoBSalinas given his historic wealth and success.

If you can speak Spanish and have eight minutes to spare, the original video comes from José Pimpo’s YouTube channel.

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The Reason Bitcoin Should Be Part Of Your Portfolio

According to Michael Saylor, you have to invest at least 100 hours studying Bitcoin before you start to get it. His Mexican counterpart here, Salinas Pliego, evidently put in the time. About Bitcoin, he says:

“I’ve invested a lot of time studying it, and I think that it’s an asset that should be part of every investor’s portfolio. It’s a valuable asset, with international value, that’s traded with enormous liquidity at a global level. And that’s reason enough for it to be part of any portfolio. Period.”

Those are important reasons, but not something that can’t be said about the Dollar. The US’s currency holds international value and you can exchange it with ease for local money in any market. However…

What Does Salinas PliegoThink About Fiat Currencies?

The facts are the facts, money printing and inflation devalue the purchasing power of all the holders. There are no…

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