Bitcoin price will ‘bolt higher’ if Biden wins, rise slower with Trump — Max Keiser

Cointelegraph Markets: Paul Tudor Jones. Did his investment into Bitcoin spark a new bull cycle?

Max Keiser: First, we need to go back to the Genesis Block and understand that everything that has happened and will ever happen with Bitcoin came into existence at that instant and the world and our species were forever changed. Understand too, that Bitcoin is shaping our world around its protocol in ways that most don’t understand but all are powerless to stop. Within this context, it was clear on Jan. 3, 2009, the genius of the protocol would catch up to the likes of Paul Tudor Jones and warp his mind.

As he said this past week, after studying Bitcoin he’s become more bullish and it’s the first time in his career he’s ever encountered an asset he’s buying to hedge against the carnage of runaway inflation that is “pro-humanity.” He understands the paradox of the protocol. He understands like Michael Saylor does now (after rejecting Bitcoin for years) that Bitcoin is in control.

The changes to humanity are set in motion and it’s unstoppable. Because Bitcoin rearranges people’s minds and reorders their consciousness, these changes are permanent.

Were you surprised at the news that PayPal is entering the Bitcoin and crypto space? 

Max Keiser: No. PayPal, like all companies, came to the realization faster than others that Bitcoin is an existential threat to their business and to ignore it would mean going out of business.

Do you think it is a reasonable trade-off that it will maintain control over users’ money just as Libra would?

Max Keiser: PayPal’s attempt to restrain Bitcoin won’t work because the competition at $SQ and elsewhere will force them to go Full Bitcoin or die. This is true with Libra as well. It’s true of CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies), and it’s true of countries like Venezuela who abandoned their Petro and are now moving to a Full Bitcoin position. In China, the situation is different.

The Chinese will resist going Full…

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