Bitcoin Price Follows In Deep Red

The last few days have been catastrophic for traditional financial markets and pretty damaging to the cryptocurrency field as well. Major global indices are charting tremendous losses while the crypto market cap lost more than $30 billion in the past week.

Major Indexes Chart Serious Losses

Over the course of just a few days, major global indexes have charted losses that are troublesome, to say the least.

Starting off with the S&P 500, it lost 3% yesterday alone and is down 7% in the past five days. Next on the list is the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI). Like the S&P 500, it also lost 3.15% yesterday and is down almost 5 percent in the past five days.

The Nasdaq Composite, however, has taken the biggest hit. It’s down more than 8.3% in just five days, 2.77% of which were lost in yesterday’s trading session.

While a lot of financial experts are associating the losses with fears of the spreading coronavirus, the Nikkei 225 which tracks the largest Asian companies, is down less than 4% over the same period of time.

At the same time, gold is up more than 3% in the past 5 days, perhaps hinting at the fact that investors are trying to protect their capital turning to it as a hedge. At the time of this writing, gold is trading at around $1650 per ounce.

According to popular analyst Nicholas Merten, also known as DataDash, during the last four days alone, markets managed to erase the gains made through the past two months.

Analyst Howard Silverblatt stated that the S&P 500 alone lost about $2.14 trillion in market capitalization throughout the past four trading sessions.

Bitcoin Price Takes A Beating As Well

It’s not only the traditional markets that are…

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