Bitcoin Nodes Exceed that of Ethereum’s by Thousands

As Ethereum nodes kept falling over the course of 2019, nodes in Bitcoin’s network continued to grow.

As per Trustnodes, Ethereum’s network was the largest when it came to the number of nodes, and the blockchain dominated the industry in terms of size. However, the number started falling in 2019, currently being down by around 3,000 since the start of the year.

Almost half of the lost nodes were shut down since Ethereum’s December hard fork, which is quite a sudden change for its blockchain. On the other hand, Bitcoin’s nodes kept rising throughout the year.

Bitcoin even managed to overtake Ethereum at one point earlier this year, when it had around 10,266 nodes, while Ethereum’s high point in 2019 was only at 10,078 nodes. However, according to a report published by Bitcoinist back in May of this year, Bitcoin never had ‘only’ 10,000 nodes. Instead, its network surpassed 100,000 around the time the report was published.

This would indicate that Ethereum was never even close to BTC, provided that these calculations are true.

However, that still doesn’t change the fact that Ethereum’s nodes were, indeed, falling at a rapid rate throughout the year, and especially in December. At its lowest point, ETH hit 6.500 nodes, although this was soon followed by a recovery that has recently brought it back to around 7,000.

Why is Ethereum Losing Nodes?

The sharp drop in ETH nodes was surrounded with speculation for quite some time, with many assuming that it may have something to do with lower interest in the project. After all, Ethereum’s price has been falling for the last six months, just like Bitcoin’s. However, ETH’s maintenance upgrades might also be responsible, as the project had to cut off quite a few of them to go through with those upgrades.

This drop was the most obvious a few weeks ago, when the project hard forked in order to add some gas fee efficiencies. Meanwhile, any node that failed to upgrade properly got cut off from the network,…

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