Bitcoin mining firm Canaan raises $90m in IPO—could others follow?

Canaan Inc., a China-based Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer, has just concluded its initial public offering (IPO), selling a total of 10 million American depository shares at $9 each to raise a combined sum of $90 million—this is the lowest end of the $90-110 million range plotted for the IPO.

Canaan Creative initially filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with ambitions to raise as much as $400 million back in October. However, this valuation was slashed by three-quarters, down to $100 million, after lead bookrunner Credit Suisse Group AG (CS) cut ties with the company, allegedly due to concerns that the IPO was unlikely to receive sufficient buys.

Regardless, the recent offering was led by Citigroup Inc., China Renaissance Holdings Ltd. and CMB International Capital Ltd, which were also named as underwriters on the initial filing.

An opportunity for equity

Prior to the offering, Canaan co-founders Jiaxuan Li and Nangeng Zhang owned approximately 16% of ordinary shares each, while principal shareholders included Ouroboros Ltd and Flueqel Ltd—both of which approx 16% of shares each.

As a public company, equity investors will now be able to acquire a stake in Canaan Inc, which essentially gives them some exposure to cryptocurrency markets without needing to actually invest in, or store cryptocurrencies directly. This avoids the volatility associated with cryptocurrencies, and gives speculators a chance to invest in the ASIC industry, which Canaan predicts will grow at a Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.8% between now and 2023.

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For better or for worse, this also gives investors a say in how the company moves forward, with shareholders being given the opportunity to cast their vote during corporate elections and at crucial decision points in the company’s operations.

According to the filing, each American depository share represents…

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