Bitcoin Keeps Its Pedal To The Metal, Eliciting Bullish Response From Prominent Analysts

For some reason or another, Bitcoin (BTC) has continued to rally into Saturday. As of the time of writing this, the crypto asset is trading at $5,725 on most major exchanges, while altcoins have begun to play catch-up.

While some fears that this rally is unsustainable, especially with the debacle that both Bitfinex and Tether are both going through, analysts have kept a bullish tone across the board.

Bitcoin Could See A Further Move Higher

According to David Puell, the head of research at Adaptive Capital, Bitcoin’s chart is currently showing an array of bullish signals, both in terms of technical indicators and pure price action.

In a simple chart posted on Friday night, the investor remarked that Bitcoin is currently trading in a broadening ascending wedge, a pattern defined by legendary chartist Bulkowski as a catalyst for bullish continuation. Bitcoin Bravado’s Jack, who noticed this pattern alongside Puell, remarked in his own tweet that such wedges are often never seen in bear markets, and are instead, a reversal pattern that commences a bull run.

But according to Puell, this isn’t the only bullish sign. He looks next to volume, which has been on the decline since April 1st’s boom past $5,000 but has begun to recover with Friday’s uptick. Remarking on Friday’s volume candle, he writes “Ce n’est pas mal!”, which for those not versed in French, means “this is not bad.” Indeed, a notable amount of trading activity signals that stronger movements can be seen.

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Next, the Adaptive Capital partner, who works alongside prominent crypto analyst Murad Mahmudov noted that the lack of resistance and sell orders in the $5,700 to $5,850 range may soon allow Bitcoin to move to that level.

And last but not least, Puell points to the…

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