‘Bitcoin Inventor’ Craig Wright Basks in Satoshi Glow as Court Date Looms


23/06/2019 14:45

ET. Journalist:

By CCN Markets: Self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor Craig Wright had his fondest wish come true when the capital city of Colombia formally recognized him as Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bogota Grants Craig Wright’s ‘Satoshi’ Wish

Officials in Bogota presented Wright with a fancy certificate affirming him as the creator of bitcoin. The events unfolded at the 2019 Expo-Bitcoin International in Bogota, a week-long crypto conference.

Wright, the chief scientist at nChain, and Jimmy Nguyen, nChain’s CEO, both attended the conference, where they discussed how Latin Americans could use cryptocurrencies to improve their economies. Notably, Wright discussed “bitcoin and the law.”

Self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor Craig Wright spoke at a crypto conference in Bogota, Colombia. | Source: Jimmy Nguyen/Twitter

Certificate: Wright Is Recognized as the Creator of Bitcoin

Nguyen shared Twitter photos of Wright showing off the certificate that proclaimed him bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto.

Nguyen tweeted:

“Muchas gracias, Concejo de Bogota. Thank you Bogota Council for having Craig Wright speak today about Bitcoin and law, and for the nice honor.”

That said, Colombia is a tiny crypto market, and the majority of the international cryptocurrency industry do not accept Wright as Satoshi.

Self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor Craig Wright received a certificate in Bogota recognizing him as Satoshi Nakamoto. | Source: Jimmy Nguyen/Twitter

The certificate was signed by Nelly Mosquera, the president of the Council of Bogota, and local councilman Julio Acosta.

The document declares that “Dr. Craig Steven Wright, most commonly known as Satoshi Nakamoto, is world-recognized as the creator of Bitcoin.”

The certificate further claims that Wright has several advanced degrees, including a Ph.D. in computer science and a doctorate in theology.

This certificate was signed by the president of the Council of Bogota, Nelly Mosquera, and councilman…

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